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What do you get when you cross a penguin with a rocket the size of a small jet engine? Learn 2 Fly of course! This tasty game is brought to you by Kongregate - play more free games at their site. Learn 2 Fly is top of Kongregate's sports and racing category and has seen rave user reviews on many other big gaming sites including Armor Games and Newgrounds. There are other games similar to the penguin flight game though, read on...

Launch games had been around for a while before Learn 2 Fly came out with popular games such as Shopping Cart Hero and Hedge Hog Launch proving successful with online gaming fans. So Light Bringer and Max Games thought about bringing one out with a penguin instead. This game was released in mid 2009 and since then it has gone on to collect over 50 million plays worldwide.

What's the story? Somewhere in Antartica a penguin sits at his computer and google's a wikipedia article on the 'Emperor Penguin'. Reading about how penguins are flightless birds he gets very angry and decides to prove the article wrong! Venturing out on to the icy slopes the challenge begins as your penguin tries to become a plane!

How do I fly this penguin!? Wait for your penguin to hit the bottom of the slope and then press the right and left arrows to toggle the angle at which the pengion flies into the air. You need to hit the water with your belly fast enough for your penguin to bounce back up. Along the way you will be able to upgrade many variables regarding your penguins flight and equipment.

learn 2 fly game instructions

Instructions on how to fly shown above.

Walkthrough beating the game in 16 days! (6000m)

Below you can find a walkthrough on beating the Learn 2 Fly game in 16 days! Once you have accomplished all the achievements in each stage, move onto the next one.

  • Flight Attempt 2 - Upgrade one point in Acceleration.
  • Flight Attempt 3 - Upgrade one point in Ramp height and one in Air resistance.
  • Flight Attempt 4 - Once you get the first $25 bonus purchase the first Glider, this should be before flight number 4. The glider will give you superior flight time on both the up flight and gliding down to the water. After flight 4 you will receive plenty more money from accomplishing several achievements.
  • Flight Attempt 5 - Purchase two more acceleration points and one more ramp height point.
  • Flight Attempt 6 - Purchase your first rocket, two more points in air resistance and one point in ramp height. The rocket will enable you to thrust further up into the air giving you a further height advantage to glide down to the water. learn 2 fly game: attempt 6 purchase your first rocket

    Pictured above are the upgrades before flight attempt 6, here you buy your first rocket.

  • Flight Attempt 7 - Before attempt 7 Rocket fuel becomes available as an upgrade, in which case buy 3 points here.
  • Flight Attempt 8 - Buy as many points as you can in Ramp height before the next flight. In attempt 8 you should really stack up some cash leading you to some nice upgrades before flight 9.
  • Flight Attempt 9 - Purchase your second glider upgrade and three more points in Air resistance. learn 2 fly game: attempt 9 purchase your second glider and more air resistance

    Pictured above your penguin will fly far and fast with your new Air resistance and Glider upgrades matched with your previous Rocket upgrades, this will rake in a great deal of cash!

  • Flight Attempt 10 - Purchase three more points in Acceleration.
  • Flight Attempt 11 - Max out your Glider upgrade and add two more points in Rocket fuel then move on to stage 20. learn 2 fly game: attempt 11 best glider

    Pictured above the new glider upgrade impresses with a new record distance.

  • Flight Attempt 12 - Upgrade your rocket to the second level and move onto stage 35 having already accomplished stage 20's achievements.
  • Flight Attempt 13 - Fly again with no upgrades.
  • Flight Attempt 14 - Upgrade 3 points in Air resistance and four in Ramp height then proceed to stage 35.
  • Flight Attempt 15 - Purchase your final Rocket uprade, 3 points in Acceleration and 2 points in Rocket fuel. Move onto stage 50. learn 2 fly game: attempt 15 maximum upgrades in glider and rocket

    Pictured above the penguin surpases 4200m in distance with both maximum Glider and rocket upgrades proving formidable.

  • Flight Attempt 16 - Purchase your final upgrade by maxing out your rocket fuel. learn 2 fly game: passing 6000m

    Pictured above the penguin is just about to pass 6000m. With all the upgrades this will be easy to accomplish.

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