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Airport Mania: Can You Keep The Planes On Schedule!?

At first glance Airport Mania First Flight looks like a small children's game created with cartoon aeroplanes that are cute and quirky. Once you play Airport Mania First Flight you will find a great game to suit all the family. Created by Reflexive Entertainment this time management sim is based inside an airport that you will manage efficiently so your passengers are satisfied so will return to fly with you again.

Airport Mania First Flight is a great way to pass a few hours. The game is challenging in parts but is tons of fun. After all sometimes you just want to have fun. The game begins with a good tutorial that is very useful as it shows you how to play the levels. There are eight airports to play in stages plus the game has approximately eighty four levels. Every level is more difficult than the last in terms of number of landings while more enhancements are available as you progress. You pay for these enhancements with the money you have earned at the end of every level when you can visit the shop.

I found Airport Mania First Flight exciting as you have to land the planes, make sure all passengers disembark, refuel, perform any repairs needed, guide the new passengers onto the plane plus make sure it takes off on time. All this work of course isn't done for nothing you are financially rewarded with various amounts of money depending on how fast you got the plane off, whether you got the plane airborne early, on time, late or lost it altogether. Once you are paid you can invest your money in new terminals or enhancements for the airport.

The airport upgrades available include new runways, a fan to blow away the fog, while in-flight movies or serving food will keep customers happy for longer. The game is fairly fast paced but practice makes perfect while practice is something you may need to succeed. If you don't get your planes off on time or keep planes circling too long before landing they will become annoyed and fly away. Its a bit similar to losing your waiting customers in the Dash games except here they are planes, its great fun!

There are a few added extras as you play along that make some levels slightly different for instance some planes will need priority instructions as their cargo is urgent or maybe the weather takes a turn for the worse meaning you have to abort landings. Eventually you are able to paint the planes different colours while matching blue planes with blue gates or red planes with red and so on will earn you bonuses.

I really like the graphics in Airport Mania First Flight. They are very cartoon like and cute while the planes themselves have little personalities of their own. I have always been a sucker for big baby eyes and these adorable planes have eyes so big that they are almost comparable to the planes chassis. I really don't like flying, for me it is a means to an end and that is as far as it goes so it is with pleasure that I have managed an airport efficiently while keeping my feet firmly on the ground. I would highly recommend this game while scoring it 8/10.