Burrito Bison Game

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Upgrades: Deciding What You Want

At the end of each jump (basically, when Bison cannot propel himself forward anymore), the game allows you to access the shop. From here, you can spend the money you earned on useful abilities and passive features that will get Bison to the final part of the game. The upgrades are divided into two categories. The first is a set of upgrades that directly affect Bison's physical capabilities. The second set alters the presence and spawn rates of enemy units.

Elastic Cables – Start with more powerful launches.

The elastic cables will launch Burrito further than a normal jump, and you need these at max stat if you want the speed that will help you break through the game's many barriers. Early in the game however, enhancing your jump distance does not provide much benefit. The game awards money for smashing gummies, but not for the total distance you have reached, so start investing in this once you have placed money on other upgrades. Once you already have a few basic upgrades, this one becomes your ticket to earning more cash; the acceleration boost it provides is more felt once you are affected by bounciness and slippery lotion.

Slippery Lotion – Lose less speed when hitting the floor and bouncing off gummies.

The slippery lotion is a great upgrade as it keeps Burrito on the go as much as possible. With that said, you still need to use your slam boosters carefully to maximize any movement you can get from gummies. Consider this upgrade a secondary priority as compared to the enemy spawns or better gains. Start investing in this once you have already bought the initial level of the bounciness upgrade.

Pickpocket – You earn more cash from gummies.

This is one of the first upgrades that we encourage players to get – after all, it boosts the amount of cash you get per kill. The first two purchases are decently prized, though we suggest holding off on the 4000 upgrade until you are able to get Bison further along the stage. In terms of priority, this upgrade is number one.

Bounciness – Gummies make you bounce higher and lose less speed.

Every bounce counts, and being able to make a good chain of attacks with Bison is an important part of being able to stay on the move. Get this upgrade as soon as you get the first pickpocket upgrade and you will see plenty of wonders with how much you can do once your bounces are a lot more consistent. Among physical stats, this is one that you will want to maximize as fast as you can (though you will want to balance it out with pick pocketing).

Rocket Slam – Increase the amount of times you can body slam.

Short of hitting gummies carrying special items, this is the only way for you to interact with Bison once he is mid air. Hitting the spacebar while B.B. is in flight will make his boosters light up and slam him straight to the ground. The impact will launch him up even further, allowing you to move a little further. Do not expect these boosters to save you out of a slowed down movement upon hitting the pavement however, as the boosters have little to offer in terms of horizontal movement.

Resistance – lose less speed when going through doors and landing on cops.

This upgrade only becomes important once you have enough stats to actually break through the first set of doors -and this is because the doors will slow you down big. Even if you have enough speed to break past them, being able to catch up with the gummies in the next area of the stage will require a bit of upgrading. So start putting aside a bit of cash for this upgrade once you focus on the next part of the game.

The next batch of upgrades is focused on spawn rates of enemies. Basically, increasing the stat will make more of a certain type of enemy appear more often. When these stats are all maxed out, getting Bison to the end of the map becomes so much easier with all the power-ups and boosts that these special enemies provide.

Bubble Gummies – increase your chances of encountering gummies hanging on to bubble gum.

These are among the cheapest to upgrade and also, one of the most useful. The key here is to be ready with the spacebar and mouse button as soon as you hit a bubble gum gummy (they are easy to identify: they are floating around with giant pink bubbles over their heads). Spamming the mouse button and space bar will send Bison in a bubble boosted rise straight up to the skies. The bubble gummies are also among the most likely enemies that will help you go beyond the clouds. Max out their presence as soon as you can.

Glider Gummies – increase your chances of encountering handgliding gummies.

Where the bubble gummies provide a vertical boost (and a very slight horizontal push), the glider gummies will send you flying off to the right. While this is pretty useful at times, the limited movement that the handglider provides is quite minimal -and their presence is most appreciated when they manage to spawn at high altitudes and give you that much needed forward boost when you are high up.

Rocket Gummies – increase your chances of encountering gummies riding rockets.

Rocket gummies are basically super handglider gummies in the air. They send you forward with a massive speed boost. Not really the cheapest gummy bear to get, but the rocket is crucial for that much needed speed boost especially later in the game. All you need to do once you grab hold of the rocket is to press down on the space bar or the mouse button. You will get a solid forward speed and a bit of altitude as well.

Pogo Stick – increase your chances of encountering gummies on pogo sticks.

Another one of our favorites, hitting the pogo stick gummies will let you ride on their jump boosting pogos. Click on the mouse button upon impact to use the pogo's default spring boost -it can be used up to three times land based enemies, but more importantly, it can be spammed on airborne enemies. If you are lucky, a nicely aligned group of gummies flying overhead will serve as a good way to boost to the top of the screen. Also, riding the pogo stick will give you a good speed boost as well -ensuring that you will have enough velocity as you get closer to the door.

Pepper Gummies – Increase your chances of encountering gummies carrying chili peppers.

The Pepper Gummies will give Bison a special rolling move on the floor. Spam it to get Bison rolling to the right of the screen and mowing down any gummies in the way. While this nets plenty of cash, the pepper does little for his speed. So if you are nearing a door while armed with the pepper upgrade, you better hope that you gained enough speed to break through

General Goods – increase your chances of encountering gummies carrying items.

General goods refers to the three basic item carrying gummies mentioned above. While this may seem to be an expensive upgrade, the initial 4000 is well worth it as the appearance of bomb and money carrying gummies early in the game will certainly help you save up the cash needed for other upgrades.

The Cops, Doors and Other Obstacles

Getting all the special gummies is one thing, but avoiding the dangerous ones is another issue altogether. For the most part, the only real obstacles early in the game are the cop gummies. When you are travelling at super high speeds, they will most definitely slow you down. At moderate speeds, cops will send you flying backwards for a bit, heavily affecting your progress. But if you are moving too slowly, the cops will literally beat down Burrito Bison and will stop him completely -forcing you to launch from the ring once again.

Dealing with cops can be done in various ways, but the most simple is to use the slam function to minimize the speed deduction they give. The second is to get lucky with enemy spawns that you are able to avoid the cops completely as you bounce around. With that said, the resistance upgrade becomes a critical factor when it comes to resisting the speed penalties that cops give.

Breaking through the Final Wall

One way or the other, regardless of the order of the upgrades that you choose, as long as you keep on playing (and buying upgrades!), you will start noticing that Bison will be able to travel further and farther than he ever did before. This is because regardless of the order you get the upgrades, they will all help you in getting as far as you can in the game. However, just because Bison is smashing through gummies at high speed, it does not mean that you should no longer pay attention. Much of Bison's acceleration and altitude is gained by timing the use of the rocket boosts and of course, effectively using special power ups like the bubble gum and the pogo stick. Once you are at the third and final area of the game, it all becomes a matter of being able to sustain the same practice -but only at higher speeds. Note that the final glass barrier is really thick and you will need to be moving at a sufficiently fast enough speed to break through.