Catapult Game

Make the stuntman fly as far as possible with his catapult! Hold down SPACE to adjust the catapult. Steer the character in air with the left and right arrow keys. Press up when going through the magical clouds for extra speed. To achieve a successful jump you need to land safely with your parachute, do so by pressing SPACE before you land.

Catapult is a great launch based game created by Your job is to catapult the all yellow man complete with crash helmet as far as you can through the sky to see if you can get him to Norway.

There are two mechanisms that need applying before the man will be launched from the catapult. The first is to adjust the catapult's power and the second is it's trajectory. In order to get the optimum setting for both you must time the dial where it falls to the bottom of each of the meters. The longer you leave it to hit the 'SPACE' BAR the more power builds up but also the faster the dials go meaning it is harder to land each dial on the best point of the meter.

Along the way use yellow clouds to bounce off to go further through the sky. Before landing don't forget to apply your parachute by pressing 'SPACE' BAR again or the launch won't count as you land flat on your face! Try catapult by Miniclip games now by clicking the play button above.