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Hedgehog Launch Review

Hedgehog Launch is a game released in June 2008 by John Cooney. It is, as the name suggests, about launching a hedgehog into space. The developers promise that the game is going to be as wacky and challenging as the name suggests (yes, all the clues to the nature of the game are in the name. Also, that rhymes), so you can expect lots of hours of fun and enjoyment from this launch a hedgehog game. Here are some of the key features of this game:


The story behind the game is intriguing to say the least and definitely piques your interest in the way that launch games nowadays need to keep the players enthralled. This game starts with a letter from the government of the Caribbean principality called Minovia Cay. The letter reveals that you are in charge of their space program. If at this stage you start feeling all important, stop. The island houses only 15,000 people and the mission of your "space program" is to send a hedgehog into space. Why hedgehogs? Cause they're in seemingly infinite supply in this principality and are also their national animal. To really drive the point to him regarding how unimportant you actually are, you're given a budget of $50 and a slingshot (no guarantees on whether this was provided though, it looks pretty homemade) and all the hedgehogs you want, which isn't saying much cause they are, err, infinite. The only consolation you have is that if you manage to make the hedgehog fly, the people in charge will give you more money.

But $50 can buy you a lot in this land where people who are obviously rum-addled to do crazy things. For starters, you can get rocket packs for $10 to begin with. After you buy some other stuff, you can add stuff like side-rockets, emergency rockets, parachutes, a radar (to tell you where the platforms are), increasing elastic bands for your slingshot, and because you obviously care for your hedgehog's eyes even though you're going to be launching him thousands of feet into the sky and then watching him land, goggles.

You can earn money in the launch a hedgehog game by grabbing some coins that appear in the sky as well as bouncing off of platforms. Bouncing on a certain type of platform gives you more money, as does collecting gold coins instead of bronze or silver ones. How do you bounce on them in the first place? Why, just draw your hedgehog back using your mouse, release him into the atmosphere and then control him while he falls down such that he collects those gold coins and bounces off of those platforms. There's also an altitude and time multiplier, so the better you get the more money you earn.

Since there's no way to lose money, you will eventually build a launcher with maxed-out stats that will launch a hedgehog into space and prove that you're a real scientist or are at least good at getting high-tech stuff at bargain basement prices. However, to prove that you're actually a genius, you have to complete the game in the least number of days as possible. Each attempt is counted as a day, and although the maker's lowest total is recorded as 9 days, it is possible to finish the game in much fewer tries. In fact, you get the Kongregate badge for finishing the game within 5 days.

Here's how you do that: Firstly, max your launcher as much as possible on day 1. If you don't get really lucky on day 1 with how much money you make, it would be best to start over instead of forging on. For day 2, but as much of the e-rocket upgrade as possible. On day 3, again max the launcher as much as you can. And for the last or the fourth day, maximize the e-launcher, maximize your launcher and band and off you go into space! An additional tip that you would do well to follow when you launch a hedgehog is to include avoiding upgrading one box at a time, because that is a waste of time and doesn't add much to your rocket. Also, once you do hit the ground, keep going sideways using your rocket fuel as far as you can because you may find coins and platforms right on the ground too.

There is certainly an element of luck involved in this game, because you may not find the right platforms or coins that you need to upgrade properly. Also, as you all definitely know by now, spoilers are awesome, so I can reveal that the game ends with the hedgehog flying off into space and becoming a shooting star. Apparently this had been his wish all along, but it was still a little sad. Definitely beats repeatedly splattering on the ground like a wet sponge though.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are flashy and bright but slightly less colorful than they could have been. The actual figures also are pretty basic and not very sophisticated, but the gameplay is definitely good enough to get you to look past all of that and maybe not even care what it all looks like.

The audio is where the real surprise is. The game has a nice soundtrack that suits the game really well and is bound to bring a smile to your face the first few times you hear it. There's still a conveniently placed mute button in the bottom left of the screen, but if you aren't required to use it you most probably won't.


This game is one hedgehog-sized ball of fun, truth be told, and with none of the accompanying prickliness. It's enjoyable yet addicting, easy to finish and yet hard to do so if things don't fall just right. It still isn't predicated on your luck and does give you control over the proceedings to a major extent. The graphics and audio only help its case here. All in all, this is one of those rare games that you don't mind being unable to finish early cause the journey is so much better than the end.