Learn to Fly 2 Walkthrough

Help your penguin learn 2 fly once again...

Learn 2 Fly 2 game by Light Bringer came out in June 2011. Widely acclaimed as one of the best launch games ever, it has three modes in which you can play: Story Mode, Arcade Mode and Classic Mode. Arcade Mode requires the player to try to fly as high and for as long as possible with only a limited amount of money, Classic Mode is just plain out flying with no budget constraints, and finally we have Story Mode, which introduces the twist of obstacles to get through. Here is the learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough of how to get past all of those obstacles in one turn:

Firstly, there are a total of 5 obstacles to go through, as seen in the image below. They are the Snowman, the Snow Mound, Rocky Hill, iceberg and finally, the Wall.

learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: first shot

The below image depicts all the equipment you should have to be able to break all of those 5 obstacles in the same try without breaking a sweat. These are the SuperSlide, the Omeglider, the Omega Drive and Dark Matter. All of these are Omega-based, and you can enable these upgrades by going to the Bonus Shop and buying the Omega catalog, which isn't worth a lot of bonus points. If you play long enough to be able to have a chance to get all 5 in the same turn, you will probably have enough money and bonus points to get all of the above. You also need to add full ramp height, ramp length and fuel to the above specifications, but again that shouldn't be a problem. Simply playing for long enough is enough to get you this far, but there are no shortcuts to this except for playing long enough. And there are no set routes either thanks to the sheer variety of upgrades available, which of course is the main strength of this game.

learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: second shot

At this point, the problem won't be going too slow to not be able to breach the obstacles, it will be going so fast that you won't have a clue where the next obstacle is and how to get to it. This is where this walkthrough comes in.

learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: third shot

The above image references where exactly you should start swerving in the opposite direction to backtrack and get back to the Snowman (this is all post-launch, of course) and the first screenshot below puts in context how much speed you will have acquired by this point and therefore where you will actually turn around is quite a distance from where you started. The second screenshot below then tells you where to turn back around and go in the original direction. Note that you must keep very low after this until you hit the Snowman. Check the third screenshot to see what your ideal fuel levels should be at that point.

learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: fourth shot learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: fifth shot learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: sixth shot

You can then immediately move on to getting rid of the Snow Mound, which really isn't a big deal considering the power you're pacing under your hood. Make sure you stay at the same height as you did for the Snowman, and check out screenshot 7 below to see what your stats should ideally look like before you shatter the mound into pieces. Same goes for making molehills out of the Rocky Hill. Again, stick to the ice surface and check out screenshot 8 for your ideal speeds at the time of impact. Note, even though in the image it seems that there's 61 of whatever unit of measurement is used in these games before you arrive at the Rocky Hill, at your current speeds that takes literally half a second to cover.

learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: seventh shot learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: eighth shot

In what has now become a recurring trend, stick to the surface again and for once let your speed drop a bit or you risk going overboard and maybe climbing too high and missing the iceberg altogether. Wait until the distance to the iceberg starts counting down in that green raindrop thingy on the right (your speed should be around 170 at this point, checkout screenshot 9 below for other indicators) and then press on the, er, omega gas. You'll zoom forward like no rocket has ever before, and given that you were parallel to the surface at this point (as you need to be), you should hit the iceberg with about 400 units of speed. Check screenshot 10 for other details, and keep note of the above note.

learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: ninth shot learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: tenth shot

At this point in the Learn 2 Fly 2 game, you need to climb a little and stop hugging the surface of the Earth. Get to about 60 units of height and again make sure you drop your speed to around 60 units as shown in screenshot 11. This is of course, right before you start speeding up again. Press on the gas and make sure you're at where it says you should be in screenshot 12 as the ticker for the distance to the ominously named Wall starts running down. As ominous as it may sound, if you're at full speed going into it, or, in other words, exactly where screenshot 13 says you should be, then you will be fine. But even a little slower and you won't know how to separate the remains of your penguin dummy and the pieces of ice.

learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: eleven shot learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: twelve shot learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: thirteen shot

Having done this and expressed a suitable amount of anger at that jerk Dodo, go back to the menu and select the configuration shown in screenshot 14 (first one below) to take revenge upon it. Basically, just replace the Omeglider with the simply named The Chopper. As you take off from the ramp, keep the angle of the chopper as it is and power up. You can use about 50% of your fuel in this run, and as you reach around the 1600 units of distance mark, straighten up, start flying parallel to the ground, and power up again as shown in the second screenshot below. Do this until the 3000 distance units mark, and keeping your fuel as it should be according to screenshot 16 (third shot below), make a couple of somersaults. No, this isn't necessary, but you got to have some fun, haven't you? To round off the game, just straighten up again and power up, fuel efficiency be damned.

learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: fourteenth shot learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: fifteenth shot learn 2 fly 2 walkthrough: sixteenth shot

In a matter of seconds, you will be graced with the cutscene depicting the destruction of the Dodo, which will bring you mental peace and the end of this game. The last part might have seemed really easy, but the Chopper does have a serious tendency to overrule fuel boosts and keep climbing higher vertically instead of moving forward as needed, which means that timely boosts to maintain forward momentum are necessary. It's hard to go wrong with the Omega Drive, but it is possible. And that just about wraps up the game for you.

Now that you have learnt how to complete the game with the Learn 2 Fly 2 Walkthrough, play Learn 2 Fly 2 and do it youself.

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