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More about your flightless bird

Learn To Fly 2 was released by Light Bringer Games as a sequel to their highly successful Learn to Fly game in June 2011. The game remains based around a penguin in the Antarctic, thus providing players a glimpse of snowy surroundings this summer. However, instead of relying on just the snow to be successful, Learn 2 Fly brings a load of new features that the first game didn't have, which is why it has been rated so highly at Kongregate - the official sponsors. Here are some of the main features of this sequel to Learn To Fly:


Launch-based games generally have a very limited shelf life. There is only so often that you can try to go that same distance while taking lesser time and so on. In fact, the launch concept has been so widely used in flash games that it hardly retains any novelty and thus such types of game aren't very successful in the long run. In that respect, the original Learn To Fly was an exception. It was widely successful and despite relying on an often-repeated concept, came like a breath of fresh air with its story of a penguin that wishes to learn how to fly and somehow acquires nuclear warheads to be able to fly 7000 yards in his attempts to do so. The simplicity at the core of the game was its USP. But as we've seen so many times in the past, sequels often seek to repeat the success story of the first game by adding more features and not focusing on the gameplay itself, which in turn leads to a lackluster second game.

Learn 2 Fly 2, however, doesn't fall into that trap. While it does introduce a load of new features, new game modes, new upgrades, new customizations, and a load of new games, the simplicity and focus on the gameplay is still there. The upgrades add to the game instead of taking away from it. What you're left with is another eminently playable, great game in the Learn To Fly series.

The story again starts with our penguin hero from the last game, who starts this one as a patient in the local hospital. When he wakes up, he checks "Failbird.com" on his laptop, laughs at a flightless Dodo picture and then sees a photo of himself crashing into an iceberg. Because he is a penguin and is therefore incapable of having common sense (or so you suspect at first), he resolves to fly again. But then logic prevails and he uses a dummy to try and fly this time.

That is where the story mode takes off from. The beginning is the penguin drawing up a hilarious list of things he needs to do to be successful in his attempts to fly and the obstacles he needs to remove and then goes back to the game that we had the last time: The penguin (dummy), trying to fly off a cliff. You have the Arcade Mode, which gives you three different budgets and asks you to fly as high and as far as you can while keeping within that budget. There is also the Classic mode, which is basically the first game in that you're required to fly as high and as far as you can with an unlimited budget. All of these scenarios make sure that you'll not get bored of the game soon and will always have a challenge that you need to complete to be satisfied.

But this isn't all, because there are a huge number of upgrades, medals, milestones etc. Firstly, the upgrades: there are different kinds of them. So, for instance you have active and passive upgrades in the glider department while you have toggled, one-shot and four-shot types in the boost department. We bet that if there is ever a race to colonize Antarctica, the weaponry that this penguin possesses would be the main motivating factor behind it. In fact, you start wondering whether every plot to steal arms in every movie ever didn't have this penguin behind it, because it sure loves those nuclear warheads and cruise missiles that it puts on its glider to, err, jump off of a cliff in Antarctica. Seriously though, there are close to 40 different types of upgrades which when added up make a crazy collection.

In Learn 2 Fly 2 You can utilize the different types of upgrades to design a strategy that suits you best. So if for instance you like to glide in the beginning and then give it all you got as late as possible, a one-shot boost system would suit you best. Likewise, if you like to give constant fuel injections to your rocket, you can turn to a toggled system. There's something for every situation. However, the customizations don't end there. You can also add to the ramp height to go longer distances, ramp length to takeoff faster and boost your fuel reserves. Beyond this, you have the bonus shop which is essentially a cheat shop that allows you to lower gravity etc. In other words, the penguin is more powerful than the Earth. And despite this, he only wants to learn to fly. Gah, what a waste.

Some of the medal achievements are really cryptic in that you don't know what to do to get some of them. This is especially true of medals 5 and 6 which are "It's ROB!" and "RISE!" respectively. They also need a lot of luck to get, because even if you fulfill the conditions to get them they still only occur rarely. For "It's ROB!" you must lose your fuel at a high altitude and if you're lucky, you are granted a free shipment of fuel. As for "RISE!", if you land on your feet with no fuel, occasionally the god Zeus will appear and give you a leap of a few hundred feet back up into the air.

Graphics and Audio

Graphics are pretty much the same as the first game, but with a game this good there can be no complaints. The developers definitely had their priorities right.

The audio isn't a lot different in that it serves no purpose for this game, but considering that the game starts off with a mute button for people who're playing "undercover", it only makes sense to forgive this fault as well, not that it was anything more than a slight issue in the first place.


The fact that you have to pick on an audio track that can easily be muted as the only negative point tells you all you need to know about this game. Learn to Fly 2 is a great game that is completely worth the time you spend on it. The combination of gameplay and customizations available is perfect for hours upon hours of gameplay. All in all, this game is one of the best launch games ever, and if you enjoyed the first one you'll definitely drool over this sequel.

We have also produced a walkthrough for learn 2 fly 2. Why not check it out if you need some help with the game.