Learn to Fly 3 Game

Back to the Drawing Board with the Upcoming Learn to Fly 3

learn to fly 3

The penguins seem to be coming back for another round of madness-infused sky conquering as talks of Learn to Fly 3 are once again "up in the air". Yes, pun intended. So far, details are still unclear as to what new demented ideals the tux wearing birds have gotten into their noggins but we can certainly expect to see more of those snow covered ramps and over-sized rocket boosters helping propel our avian friends to new heights.

So, the big question is, what should we expect? The obvious answers are already there: tons of upgrades, hilarious power ups and of course: challenges that are certain to drive us bonkers with figuring out the right angles for smashing that annoying building/iceberg/robot. We have already seen what the devs behind L2F can do, and with the third iteration of a hit series, we can certainly expect to see plenty of big improvements.

For one thing, a storyline; there is already a bit of this in the first, and a surprising one present in the second. It would not be surprising is a solid one persists in the world of L2F3. Not that we expect any award winning narratives -after all, the hilarity of Learn 2 Fly's totally random characters gives the series a signature style.

We have also seen a bit of control diversity with the upgrades. Learn to Fly 2's various boosters provided players with a bit of control over the acceleration (aside from the pitch). Controlled flight is always far more engaging than a launch game that you have to leave alone for minutes due to lack of interaction. So we will certainly expect to see more of that -and hopefully, the sleds and other ground based upgrades should also provide players with a bit of control as well.

The sack from the previous game did not have the same charm and character as the Penguins, and while it is plot-important, it would be so much better for us to get back in control of a penguin. And speaking of which, a new avatar system would certainly be good: choosing what the penguin's colors and clothes would certainly be a good thing for the completionists and players who just love customizing avatars.

As for everything else, we would love to see more of the same. Improvements are good, but the Learn 2 Fly series already has a good formula -especially for the gameplay. In this case, the adage that one should not "fix what is not broken" truly applies. For everything else, like the visuals, the music and all, a nice big update would certainly hit the spot.

Are we looking forward to this game? Most definitely so, the second game in the series, Left 2 Fly 2, gave players plenty of upgrade options, various ways to fly (you can even fly backwards), specialized equipment and most importantly, a very addictive gameplay. Having more of this experience would already be great, but knowing the devs behind this game, the next one is sure to be even better.