Nyan Cat Lost in Space Game

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Search the Galaxy for the Ultimate Yummy Fix in Nyan Cat FLY!

Ready to nom your way through the galaxy for hours? Nyan Cat FLY game! is yet more proof that there are no bounds when it comes to our favorite space travelling pop tart cat. Trust us, before you notice it, you have wasted half a day.

How it Plays

As the Nyan cat, you are flying through the stars aiming to chomp as many sweets as you possibly can. Scattered among all the candies and cakes though are dreaded vegetables. Yuck. Like any decent pop tart donning cat, you try to avoid the icky nutritious food in favor of a major sugar high. The more sweets you collect in a row, the more points you score. Bonus points are also given to Nyan cats that manage to eat special yummies such as the elusive Silver Star, which is worth 150n.

The game play is pretty straightforward. At the top left portion of the screen is a happiness meter consisting of three Nyan cat faces. This is your quintessential life bar. To play the game, all you have to do is press the up and down keys to control your Nyan cat. Each key press corresponds to one vertical space, which means that it is better to plan your moves ahead based on incoming food clusters. Eat the bad stuff three times and it is game over for your galaxy travelling feline.

More Fun For Meme Lovers

If you ever get bored with your default cherry-flavored pop tart Nyan cat, you may customize it by clicking on "My Nyan" on the main menu. This brings you to the customization page wherein you may choose to change the colors for your Nyan cat's fur, type of icing and candy as well as the pastry flavor. We admit, it is pretty neat. Aside from giving you a chance to use your own alien kitty avatar in-game, it is a treat to cat lovers who want to see their pets turned into Nyan cats. Obviously, we are guilty as charged for the latter.

Aside from giving you options to make your very own pop tart cat, the My Nyan page also displays a few handy stats you may be interested in knowing. You may view your Top Score, number of plays (or galaxies visited), average Nyans collected, OmNomNometers filled up, special food eaten as well as your fave or "Fave" food. While it is nothing earth shattering, but the amount of details that went into this bite-sized game is impressive.

If customizing your Nyan cat normally still leaves you wanting, there are plenty of secret codes that enable some unique changes to its look. Like for instance, typing "SummerNyan" at the main menu will give you a watermelon-colored pop tart Nyan cat. If you'd rather play with your galaxy-travelling cat see-through, "GGGGhostNyan" makes it invisible. The code "Leprechaunitis" removes your Nyan cat's rainbow trail. But really, why would you want that? It's like stripping away Nyan cat's soul.

Some of these codes even enable game altering elements to come into play, such as "ReverseEngineering" which flips the direction that Nyan cat travels as well as his rainbow trail. Nothing too major, but the fact that these codes exist give a real tribute to the famous meme.

Upon loading cat fly up the first time, you would know off the bat that the graphics stay true to the original Pop Tart cat meme. The use of old school 8-bit graphics are a visual treat to fans and the color choices reflect the original palette to a tee. As for the audio, well, what would a Nyan cat game be without the Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya song looping while you play? It's more potently hypnotizing now that there's the sweet collecting task to zone in on as well.

You Can Haz Verdict

There is really nothing stopping fans of any age from playing Nyan Cat FLY game! This cat flying game is both simple and a great time waster for those who are not afraid to get meme-fied. The inclusion of thoughtful options, such as the ability to customize your pastry kitty makes the experience even more enjoyable. If you're ready for a sweet time and your room mates don't mind listening to the Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya song all day, go ahead and scour the galaxy with Nyan cat for irresistible YUMMIES. We give this game a nyan cat's irresistible 86/100.