Rocket Santa 2 game by Berzerk Studios is here for christmas and here are a few improvements on the first game:

  • More flight upgrades - such as enhanced rockets, boosters, more flight mechanisms etc. The full list is below.
  • More bonuses to collect in the sky when flying such as additional boosters when you collect the letters that spell the word 'xmas'.
  • Improved controls of santa, it's now easier to maneuveur him through the sky.

Santa & Canon Upgrades

  • Jet Pack: Increase santa's speed
  • Side Rocket: Increase speed when using boost
  • Helmet: Decrease air friction
  • Cannon: Higher starting boost


  • Fuel: More fuel tanks will appear in mid flight
  • Magnet: More magnet boost
  • Eight more upgrades are available when you complete 3, 6, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 & 27 missions.